Dr. VarshaBDS, NZDREX, MDent Aesthetics (Otago)

Dr. Varsha Jeyaprakash completed her BDS degree and graduated from Mahatma Gandhi University in 2013 after completing residency in all scopes of general dental practice. After working briefly in India she moved to join her husband in Wellington. Dr. Varsha has been practicing general dentistry at Newtown Dental since early 2015 after successfully passing the New Zealand dental registration examination. Her special interest in aesthetic dentistry and restorative work prompted her sabbatical from work to complete her Masters in aesthetic dentistry from University of Otago, graduating in 2021. She’s back with the wonderful and inclusive team at Newtown Dental once again and practices all scopes of dentistry with special interest in aesthetics/cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Her clinical focus is on providing comprehensive care for patients with varying treatment needs and her end goal is always to serve the community and create an environment of healthy and sustainable long-term dental health in a gentle and patient-centred manner.